rh+ optical frames are a synonym of technology and functionality. The Hilex ™ collection optical frames guarantee maximum mechanical resistance and lightness, besides being extremely elastic. This material has been used in the eyewear industry after an extensive use in the aerospace, aeronautic, biomedical and automotive industries. Metal or titanium frames guarantee a classic style characterized by the sports look of the Hilex inserts at contrast: the perfect combination of classic elegance and modern design.
Choose among the classic blue, grey or black matt colors, or the versions with details at contrast of the iconic rh+ brand colors.

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  1. As low as €165.00
    DYNASTY - RH365V
  2. As low as €145.00
    DINASTY - RH351V
  3. As low as €140.00
    FLEX ONE - RH366V
  4. As low as €155.00
  5. As low as €145.00
    RADARH - RH378V
  6. As low as €150.00
    LEGERO - RH381V
  7. As low as €150.00
  8. As low as €190.00
    VISION - RH382V
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  9. As low as €150.00
  10. As low as €150.00
    KROMATT - RH389V
  11. As low as €160.00
    FleXTRM - RH391V
  12. As low as €155.00
    LEGERO 2 - RH395V